This Week’s Garden Projects

I did not get any of the projects completed that I had planned for this week. Yesterday, I worked on getting the fenced in area ready for planting corn, but that job is not yet completed either….sigh!

Fence panel off for tilling with tractor.

Fence panel off for tilling with tractor, before tilling began.

I used the tractor with the tiller attachment to speed up the process, but I will have to take my small tiller in to complete the work.

Tractor with tiller attachment.

Tractor with tiller attachment.

After tilling with tractor.

After tilling with tractor.

Since I had the attachment on the tractor, I decided to also till down the big dirt piles in the front yard and get them ready to plant grass.

Bottom view of dirt pile to be worked down.

Before, large dirt pile. This dirt was dug out of the flower bed next to the house.

After dirt pile was tilled down.

After dirt pile was tilled down.

This area still needs work to smooth it before we put the grass seeds in. We are planting grass at the wrong time of year so it will need much water to pull it through.

My garden is still not planted. I have not gotten the raised beds cleaned out. It is getting late in the season and I need to have the garden cleaned and planted by the end of the month at least.

I pray for God’s help and leave it in his hands. That is all I can do.

Tomorrow is another day for which I will make myself say…..

“This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalms 118:24

Have a great weekend and Memorial Day!