About Tilley


About Tilley:

As you can already guess, my name is not Tilley. I chose the name Tilley to be an alias for me in the garden. Before you think that is really weird, let me explain….

Last summer, I entered a contest where you have to write a complete story in 100 words. When my daughter was around age three, I used to make up stories about fairies and would take her to the woods to get moss and wildflowers to make fairy beds on her windowsill. Then, I would make up stories about little fairies who came at night to sleep in those sweet little moss beds.

When I started thinking about what to write, I wanted it to be about a little fairy in a garden. This little fairy had to be tough because there are so many dangers in the garden, like bugs, snakes, weeds (okay, weeds can be dangerous when you slam your leg with a hoe trying to eradicate them), etc.

When I researched names, I came up with Tilley, because it means “battle maiden”.

Tilley stands, in my imagination, as an image for someone to create my garden for. What would a garden look like if it was created as a fairy retreat? It would have lots of color. The flowers would have a heavenly aroma. There would be cute little niches for her to lose herself in as she flits through the plants. There would be luscious fruits and vegetables ready to be picked at their peak.

And so…..as I plan my garden for this year, I want to incorporate these areas into my retreat. It takes perseverance and courage to start on this endeavor and to see it through. I must stand with Tilley and let Courage draw my sword for the fight.

Click the link to read the 100 word story that started this whole idea: Tilley Battles the Dark World


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