Easier Weeding

I haven’t had time to post lately. This has been a very busy summer, made busier since my mom broke her arm, and I have been trying to help her and my dad during this time.

As I worked outside, yesterday, weeding the grass out of my daylilies…



and hydrangea bushes

Before weeding

Before weeding

After weeding

After weeding

I kept thinking… there has been nothing to this summer except weeding, weeding, and more weeding. I even weeded my mom’s flower beds for her last week, while my husband and dad worked to build and install a cover over the area where she fell and broke her arm.

With all the weeding there is to do, I have had to come up with an easier solution, something that takes the load off and does not mean adding a lot of chemicals to the soil.

I had my husband buy some tarps and I placed them over the raised beds that are empty right now. Without the tarps, I would be growing beds of weeds.

Tarps over raised beds

Tarps over raised beds

I can also move the tarps around the garden to cover areas between the beds or in open areas. Since they are dark in color, when the hot summer heat hits them, the weeds practically melt away. It is also a good way to heat up the soil and kill any pests that are trying to live there.

When we removed our pool cover this year, my husband decided we needed a new one for next year, so I recycled it into a weed killer :). I had planted corn in the very back of our garden, and was in the process of weeding, fertilizing, and hilling the soil up around it, when my mom broke her arm.

Weeding the corn

Weeding the corn in process

I never got the job finished and the corn was a total loss. I decide to use the pool cover to melt down the old stalks in the heat, turn them into compost, and kill all the weeds that had overgrown the patch.

Pool cover over corn stalks and weeds

Pool cover over corn stalks and weeds

Once a crop has completed producing, I plan to use a tarp over each bed and see if I can compost the old plants directly in the beds. My goal for next year is to become even more chemical free by making as much compost as I can and filling my beds with it, so I don’t have to rely on any chemical fertilizers.

So… if you are totally overwhelmed with weeding this summer, use tarps to cover the areas that don’t have plants you want to save. It is a good chemical free way to kill out the weeds and make the areas ready for new future crops.

Wisdom is good with an inheritance, and profitable to those who see the sun. For wisdom is a defense as money is a defense, but the excellence of knowledge is that wisdom gives life to those who have it.” Ecclesiastes 7:11-12





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