I love flowers and would be delighted if I could keep fresh flowers in the house at all times. I need to establish more areas in my yard with flowers that can be cut, to make this a possibility.

Before Easter, Aldi had pots of blooming bulbs on sale for $3.99, I bought a pot of beautiful pink tulips. They were closed tight when I first brought them home, but have opened up more now. Because they are bulbs, living in soil, they have stayed fresher longer than cut flowers.

Pink tulips on my living room table.

Pink tulips on my living room table.

The real bargain comes next year. These beautiful bulbs will die back. I can store the bulbs and plant them in the garden in the fall. Not only have I enjoyed the beautiful flowers now, but I can enjoy them year after year as they bloom once more in my garden. Next year I can cut some of them to bring inside for a bouquet.

This is a great way to get bulbs for your garden. You can see the colors in person instead of the projected colors on the pack and know how to place them with your other flowers for the biggest impact. The pot contained six flowering bulbs in an unusual color of light pink.

This could be an even greater bargain now that Easter is over. Check your local stores to see if they have any remaining flowering bulbs on their clearance racks.

As Christians, our greatest bargain comes from God in the form of a gift… eternal life… achieved from confessing our sins and believing that Christ died on the cross for us, to cover those sins (see Romans 10: 9-10,13).

“For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 6:23

The bulbs die and are placed in the ground, but when spring returns, they come to life and bloom once more… and so shall we.



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