The wind is blowing under the eaves of our house and making ghostly sounds. The windchill is 9 degrees. Winter is upon us. I always get antsy at this time of year, wondering what to do with myself until the ground unfreezes and the weather warms enough to work outside.

This year I am embarking on a HUGE project to keep me busy until garden planting time comes. I love to watch the Live Well Network Show, Knock It Off. These two friends, Monica and Jess, go into people’s homes and redo a chosen room, making it look rich and expensive using cheap finds and plenty of elbow grease and paint.

I watch the show religiously on Sunday nights at 7:00 p.m. and any re-runs I happen upon during the week. My big project began to germinate in my mind as I watched their show.

I am going to redo our half-basement living area, using paint, our old furniture… with maybe one or two new pieces, and plenty of elbow grease. The room is paneled, so I purchased oil-base primer from Sherwin-Williams to get my new, brighter colors to stick.

Here are some pictures of the room before.

The entry area as you come down the stairs and enter the room.

The entry area as you come down the stairs and enter the room.

The first view you see from the woodstove area.

The first view you see from the wood stove area.

Looking across the room.

Looking across the room.

The back wall.

The back wall.

Looking back toward the woodstove entryway area.

Looking back toward the wood stove entryway area.

A view of the bookcases.

A view of the bookcases.

The paneling is dark. The room colors are dull. I plan to use orange, yellow, and green on the walls and wood furniture to brighten it up. I will post changes as the work begins on Monday.

This is the largest project I have ever taken on by myself. I am looking forward to starting but also have a healthy dose of fear percolating in me, to put a little pressure on, until I get the work done just right. Instead of sugarplums, a vision of the end result dances in my head. I am dreaming of big possibilities as I make the changes.

Stay tuned for the changes as we wait for spring.

“Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.” Psalms 27:14


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