A New Year


Today marks the beginning of a new year. There is so much hope in that. It is like a chance, to try once more, to get things right.

A new beginning!

There is so much to change, so much to do better, but you have to do it one minute, one hour, and one day at a time.

In the garden, it is  time for day-dreaming about the changes you want to make this year and what you want to grow. This time of year, our gardens are beautiful weed free, flower filled, vistas of beauty… in our minds.

All the seed catalogs are coming in to whet our appetites for amazing vegetables to eat, and flowers to arrange.

This year's seed catalogs.

This year’s seed catalogs.

There are even bigger dreams than what you will do in the garden.

What are your plans for the year? What do you want to change? How will you make history?

Sarah Mally, author of Before You Meet Prince Charming, has a set of devotionals for young women. The one I am reading for today is titled, “Would You Like to Change the Course of History?”

Sarah says…

“Maybe this thought has never even entered your mind. Your first reaction might be,

‘Me? Change the course of history? Only presidents, kings, military leaders, and the rich and famous do that, Right?’

No. They simply make it into the history books, but they usually are not the true history makers. Most history is influenced by those who are behind the scenes…. Every Christian can and should make a big impact on history, but it may not have immediate visible results. Think about this: you can change the course of history for one person. You can change one life for eternity and also for time. When the people you know now are 70 years old, and they write an autobiography and list those whom God used in their life, will you be on the list?”

Today, the beginning of a new year, is a day for making plans in all areas of your life.


“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.” John 13:34


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