Home-Making (The Children’s Part And End)

This is a book written in 1882 about how to make a home. All are involved, the husband, wife, and children...in home-making. I will be telling you more about this book later.

This is a book written in 1882 about how to make a home.

As I finally end this whole series on making a home, I want to pay tribute to my parents. The years of struggle back and forth, to find our place with each other, as young children, then adults, then parents, then grandparents, takes you to weird places where… sometimes it is hard to find your way as your role changes. With all the struggles that this entails, in the end, all is forgiven and only the good remembered.

The following excerpt, I submit in honor of my parents and all they did for me before I could even remember.

“The debt of children to a true home is one that never can be overpaid, or even fully discharged. It dates from the first moment of their being; it accumulates as the days and years pass on. There are the years of helpless infancy with their solicitations, their broken nights and toilsome days, their unsleeping thoughtfulness and unselfish sacrifice, their gentle nursing and patient watching. There are the years of training and teaching, when the bodily powers are being developed, the feet taught to walk, the hands to  handle, the tongue to speak, when the mental faculties are being drawn out, and when all the functions of life are being trained to their several uses. There are the times of sickness when the lamp never goes out in the room by night, and the pale, weary watcher accepts no relief till the danger is past. There are long years of anxieties, of prayers, of tears, of hopes, of disappointments, of sacrifices, of pains and toils. The best that a child can do for true parents will never repay them for what they have done for him.” (Home-Making, by J.R. Miller, p. 114)

As I watch my children parent Finn…

Ryan, Allison, Finn - Sweet parents and baby.

Ryan, Allison, Finn – Sweet parents and baby.

… it is a sweet reminder of what my parents and all loving parents, do for their children. It is a huge calling from God to fulfill all these roles in the way He would have us to do. Only through God’s help can we reach our goal to make a beautiful home.

“For He is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us.” Ephesians 2:14

Have a great weekend!


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