The Stinkbug Invasion

Have you noticed an extraordinary amount of stinkbugs invading your home this year? We find them crawling on the walls of our living room.

Stink bug on living room wall.

Stinkbug on living room wall.

We find them crawling on the bathroom mirror.

Stink bug on bathroom mirror.

Stinkbug on bathroom mirror.

I have vacuumed them up, from all over the house. Gazillions of them!

Where do they come from? They arrived in America in the 1990’s from Asia, and the population explosion was predicted for 2013. See here.

According to this article, we have a “stinkpocalypse,” with 60% more bugs than  last year. As the temperatures cool down in September and October, it is prime season for them to move inside to find a warm place for the winter.

According to Orkin, not only do stink bugs eat your apples, peaches, berries, peppers, beans, and pecans, they also spread disease among your plants.

So get out your vacuum cleaner, and suck those stinkers up. Hopefully, if put back outside, the cold will get them.

As you know, I try to find a Bible scripture that applies to everything I write. I know what you are thinking. There is no way!! I could find a Bible verse that relates to a post about stinkbugs.

Well here you go!

“Their slain also shall be cast out, and their stink shall come up out of their carcases…” Isaiah 34:3a


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