Garden Bench

I had been working on an old bench that was used for toys when my children were younger. I had two thoughts for its use… to use it once more for toys for my grandson, or to use it on our front porch as a setting for seasonal changes in decorating.

After trying to sand it, with the results being that the wood was too soft to sand smooth, I decided to use it for the latter.

I could not seem to get the color right for this purpose, and it went from orange…

Orange bench.

Orange bench.

to a hammered brown that didn’t look very “hammered”…

"Hammered" brown.

“Hammered” brown.

to a sand down and start over project…

Sanded bench.

Sanded bench.

to what it is today…

I ended up painting it an Ivy green color. I painted one of my favorite garden scripture verses on it, from Song of Solomon and here it is now… in place on my front porch. The green color makes it easy to change with the seasons, because most things go with green, whether it be Fall decor, Christmas decor, or Spring decor.

Completed bench.

Completed bench.

Garden scripture verse.

Garden scripture verse.

Do you have any old furniture hanging around that can be re-purposed for your garden?


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