A Great Cat



Until a few years ago, I never realized that cats get colds. This summer our cat has had two colds and had to be taken to the Veterinarian.

A cat catches a cold just like us. We have had a stray cat hanging around this summer, and our cat caught the virus, probably from that cat. Sometimes they can get rid of them on their own in about seven days. Other times they need an antibiotic shot to keep down the secondary infections, like bronchitis.

Monday, I had to take our cat Scout to the Veterinarian once more for an antibiotic shot. He was wheezing, coughing, and  sneezing. His wheeze was so loud it sounded like he was growling all the time.

Animals are like babies, it doesn’t matter how sick they are, they still do the same things they would do if they were not sick. Babies still play, no matter how bad they feel, and cats still want to be massaged and to return the favor by rubbing against you. One of our Veterinarian doctors, Dr. Creech, loves Scout and has said on more than one occasion, “This is a great cat!” On Monday, he was seen by Dr. Levine, who said to his assistant, “I wish the other cats we see today would be as easy as this one.”

What did he mean? The whole time they were checking Scout, he was loving and rubbing against the assistant and Dr. Levine. When the doctor looked down his throat, he allowed that with no problems, and continued to knead the examining table with love for all. He purred sweetly to each person he came in contact with. He took his shot without a flinch and continued to purr and lean into the assistant with love.

How did we get such a great cat? By letting him be a cat, but raising him with dogs. His first dog, Dazzle, was pretty old when Scout came along. Scout was rambunctious and would jump on Dazzle, ride her back, and sweet little Dazzle tolerated his antics and loved him back. When he got too rough with her, she nipped him and gave him “what for”, and chased him away.

After she died, we acquired a sweet stray puppy, Jazz, and the tables were turned. Scout was older by this time and more mature in his actions, and he had to endure the antics of a puppy. Jazz jumps on Scouts, bites at his face, sits on him when he lays down, and yet they are inseparable. Scout has to occasionally give Jazz “what for”. When she gets too rough, he slaps her with his paw and bites her, gently, to keep her in line.

If Jazz is put in her pen for any reason, he waits nearby until she is back out. If you see one of them, the other is never far behind.

When Scout was back home from the doctor, he continued his day, doing the same things he does when he isn’t sick.

We learn so much from observing our animals. When we are sick, to the extent that it is possible, we need to carry on with our daily routine. When we stay busy and don’t lie around feeling sorry for ourselves, the time of sickness seems shorter.

We also need to learn proper behavior toward others and treat others as we want to be treated. And when someone is not treating us right, it is okay to give them a gentle “what for” reminder, yet still keep loving them and staying by their side to help them through their days.

Buddies....Jazz and Scout

Buddies….Jazz and Scout

“And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.” Luke 6:31 (KJV)


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