Fixing Mistakes

After visiting a sweet lady from church last week, and seeing her gardens, I decided to incorporate an idea from her yard into my yard. She had items normally used inside the house, placed strategically in her garden for decorations. For years I have had a small wooden child’s seat that has a lid to lift and store toys in. It was originally stained wood, but I had decided to paint it years ago. I put a coat of white primer on it, then left it in the barn to collect dust and cobwebs.

There it set.

I got the brilliant idea of painting it with exterior paint and using it in my garden to store tools. That was my first mistake. The lid does not fit tight enough to prevent water from running inside… so I decided to use it on my front porch to add cuteness and storage. I could set flowers and pumpkins around it for fall and change the decor with the seasons.

I painted it a beautiful orange. Which was my second mistake. Boy!… was it orange.

Orange bench.

Orange bench.

It was way to bright, so… when I was looking at paint at Wal-Mart, I noticed this paint that gives a “hammered” look and the can instructions said that it hides flaws in wood. Great! So I bought the paint and starting adding medium coats as the can instructed.

The hammered “look” never came…except in one small area.

Hammered look.

Hammered look.

So… I said to myself, “maybe it needs more coats.” Third mistake.

It went from this…

Orange base with "hammered look" spray paint coating on sides.

Orange base with “hammered look” spray paint coating on sides.

To this…

One messy looking bench.

One messy looking bench.


So… my weekend project is to sand it back down and pick another color to paint it with. I could stop right now, put it back in the barn, and forget about it… but… it does have potential, so I will keep trying.

This is my weekend project. Are you spending the weekend fixing any mistakes?

Have a great one!

“And be it indeed that I have erred, mine error remaineth with myself.” Job 19:4 (KJV)


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