A Dirty Job

Where is Mike Row when you need him?

We are about half way through with a very dirty job. Saturday, my husband and I spent the day cleaning out the chicken lots. Our lots have cement floors, and the chicken wire is buried in the cement. This prevents animals from digging up into the lot to get chicken feed or the chickens.

The only drawback to this system is that periodically we have to dig out all the manure and put in material to cover the cement so the chickens have something soft to walk on. This prevents damage to their feet. In the past we have layered the bottom of the lots with clean sand, then added straw to “freshen” it as it became dirty. The sand has been saturated with rain water, and this dirty water has been running out over the side walks around the lots.

Dirty lots and sidewalk.

Dirty lots and sidewalk.

The cleaning out of these lots has been long overdue. We could not get to it because it seemed to rain every time we were both free to work on it. The smell has been awful. 😦

My husband shouldered the biggest responsibility for this job. I cleaned the houses out and dug a trench around the sidewalk, and cleaned all the weeds and grass back that was taking over the area. My husband dug out the lot’s contents….whew!

We got two lots cleaned. The last lot is the size of these two put together and has more chickens in it.

This time we chose to use straw instead of sand to cover the cement, since it is a lighter material and will make the next cleaning a little easier. We plan to use the manure from the lots to fill in bare spots in our yard. This has given us great areas of grass in the past.

Fresh lots with clean straw and clean sidewalk.

Fresh lots with clean straw and clean sidewalk. Now we need to work on the algae growing on the wood and cement walk way.

We moved Lonestar to the lot that has a white Leghorn rooster and hen, so she could have company. She has been accepted by them and is still singing.

Lonestar in clean house.

Lonestar in clean house.

Our plan is to finish the job on Wednesday. My husband is taking some vacation time to get some of our bigger jobs accomplished.

So… no Mike Row, but instead… the renowned Danny Green was able to get this dirty job done. 🙂

Danny, my wonderful husband

Danny, my wonderful husband.

We hope to show you the totally completed project after Wednesday.

“But the people are many, and it is a time of much rain, and we are not able to stand without, neither is this a work of one day or two: for we are many that have transgressed in this thing.” Ezra 10:13


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