Lessons About Longevity Learned From A Chicken

Many years ago, we bought a group of baby Black Star chickens. The years passed and the chickens got old. As our chickens age we don’t eat their eggs, or them, but still find useful things for them to do, like cleaning off garden refuse.

These chickens aged, some better than others. Some developed Chest-of-drawers disease, you know….when the chest drops into the drawers? It was pitiful to see as they aged and their breast starting sagging, like old women, and practically dragging the ground.

They were all fed the same food and kept in the same environment. They have all died off except for one. This one still looks young. Her feathers are shiny, she is energetic, she enjoys her food but eats in moderation and keeps her figure trim, and it doesn’t matter the time of day, she is always singing. She sings in the house, she sings in the run. Always singing.

This summer, we put some very old Bantum chickens in with this chicken to keep it company. We were afraid that our Black star chicken might be mean to them because it was bigger, and that is the way of chickens, but it was sweet and embraced them as roomies. They all loved each other. Those little Banties died of old age recently, and Lonestar is alone once more.

Now…  Lonestar had all the same resources as the other chickens but apparently put them to better advantage.

So… the lessons learned are:

1. Keep walking like you are a young chicken and you will stay young.

2. Enjoy the food that is provided for you, but eat it in moderation and keep your figure trim.

3. Enjoy relationships as long as you have them.

4. Always have a sweet nature.

5. Make the best of your circumstances.

6. Always sing. No matter what life hands you… ALWAYS SING. Put another way… Always sing praise for the good things God blesses you with.

Lonestar at home.

Lonestar in pen.

Lonestar out for a morning walk.

Lonestar out for a morning walk.

“By Him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to His name.” Hebrews 13:15

Have a great weekend!


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