Are there just some days that make you feel like… okay, I just can’t do anything today, or tomorrow, or the next day?

This time of year, I am always tired, and discouraged, and feel that I can’t do one more thing.

I have served at church, at home, and worked the garden, and it has all gotten away from me.

I have not been able to work in the garden for several weeks now for various reasons, and I dread the thought of stepping back into the weed infested area. I am especially afraid of the ticks that might be lurking in the tall overgrown grass and snakes, of course. I had so many hopes and dreams of what it should look like right now, and they have all been destroyed by lack of time, sickness, and rain, rain, rain.

Weed infested garden... sigh!

Weed infested garden… SIGH😦

And I have to think… is there any hope left?

Funny… that is what our Sunday School lesson was about this week. The lesson pointed out that, “Life can be unpredictable.” AND  “We are not always rewarded materially for doing good.” (Ecclesiastes 9:11-18)

“Solomon (the author of Ecclesiastes) focused … on ways to ‘seize the day,’ to enjoy life as much as possible rather than to be mired in depression and bitterness.” He wanted us to see that “despite life’s inequities, God has given human beings good gifts to enjoy.”

In Ecclesiastes 9:7-10, Solomon points out what we should enjoy in life.

1. Enjoy your food and drink. We have an abundance of both and should be thankful.

2. Enjoy and take care of your clothes and have good skin care regimens. Be grateful for God’s provisions to care for yourself.

3. Enjoy your spouse if you are married. Marriage is “a gift from God, and it was given to enhance the lives of husbands and wives and to provide the joyful environment for bringing children into the world.”

4. Enjoy your work.  Solomon points out that we should do our work with all our might and be grateful that we are alive to do it.

The Biblical Truth from the lesson was stated as this: “God expects His people to find satisfaction in being good stewards of the opportunities and things He provides them.”

So…today, I must, once again, take courage from God’s word, ‘pull myself up by my bootstraps’ (click here for bootstrap reference meaning), and start over at the beginning of the garden, working my way through to the end. It isn’t something I am looking forward too, especially, since even as I sit here writing, the rain has been drizzling down. It will be a wet, grungy, place to be, yet… if I want to make things better, I must trudge out there and begin.

JUST BEGIN! I don’t have to do it all today. 🙂

(The Sunday School references (quoted material) came from our class book produced by LifeWay entitled “Explore The Bible – Job, Ecclesiastes- Making Sense of Life” for Summer 2013. The lesson was entitled “Is There Any Hope?”)


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