Fish Pond Update

We are in the process of putting in a fish pond. I wanted to buy fish while my niece and nephew were visiting, so we quickly dug a hole and placed the liner.

My husband dug the hole for the liner.

Hole for the liner.

My husband dug the hole for the liner then made sure it was level.

Making sure the liner is level.

Making sure the liner is level.

We added landscape fabric, before replacing the liner, to prevent problems with grass and weeds.

Landscape fabric used to prevent weeds.

Landscape fabric used to prevent weeds.

We filled the pond with water about two hours prior to buying the fish. Once we had the fish back home, we allowed the bag to float in the water for one hour to allow the water temperatures to adjust to the same degrees.

My niece and nephew picked out four fish and two water snails. I realized after I had the snails home, I probably should have waited until I had some algae growing in the pond before I bought them. I hope they can eat leftover fish food until the algae developes.

It was hard to get a clear picture of the fish due to the reflecting nature of the water, but if you can see the fish in the picture below… their names are as follows:

The big spotted one is Whopper, the smaller spotted one is Flopper (they are twins :)), the black one is Blackie, and the gold one is Blue (Don’t ask, I tried asking my niece and nephew about their choice of name for this fish, all I got was that “Hannah has a fish named Blue” and it is from some movie???)

The snails received the names Jim, and Bob, after Jim Bob Duggar, who I introduced to them by letting them watch my DVDs of Nineteen Kids and Counting.

Fish in pond.

Fish in pond.

Until I get some plants to shade the area, we are using an umbrella to provide shade.

Umbrella used for shade.

Umbrella used for shade.

I have been playing around with the landscaping, but haven’t decided on how to complete the project. I added two different kinds of gardenia, and a hibiscus plant to the area.

Gardinias and Hisbiscus.

Gardenia and Hibiscus.

I have been adding bricks to see what kind of pattern I can create. I decided after working around the pond with rocks and bricks, that it would be easier to use mulch in this area and stop the bricks above the pond.

There is still a lot of work to do to get this area landscaped, but it is a fun project. I have a solar floating lily pad, that will create a fountain effect, waiting for me at the post office for pick up today.

I hope to show you completed photos by early next week.

I have been researching the Bible every time I have a new topic to see if anything applies to it. When I researched for fish ponds, I found a verse.

“And they shall be broken in the purposes thereof, all that make sluces and ponds for fish.” Isaiah 19:10 (KJV)

(Since this is from a passage about God’s wrath toward the Egyptians, I pray my pond will be successful :))


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