I did a post a good while back, about separating a pot of daylilies and having enough to make a border in front of our garden fence. The original daylily was given to me by my mom. I left it in a pot for a year and it multiplied greatly.

Row of daylilies in front of garden fence.

Row of daylilies in front of garden fence.

The surprise came when they started blooming recently. I had thought they were yellow dwarf daylilies. Instead, they were peach dwarf daylilies.

Peach colored daylilies.

Peach colored daylilies.

Up close.

Up close.

I now have a row of peach colored daylilies in front of the garden, instead of yellow.


Row of peach daylilies.

Row of peach daylilies.

My dad said yesterday, that in all of his 79 years on this earth, he has never seen it rain every day in the summer, like it has been doing recently. He has been very surprised by all the rain. It has been an unusual amount of rain, and were it not for the promise of God that He would never send us a global flood again (see Genesis 9:11-17), I would be working on an Ark right now instead of gardening.

I asked my husband this morning… “What surprises you?” His reply was, “I am surprised by decisions made by our Government and the Supreme Court, that are blatantly stupid and morally wrong, even to a ten-year old.”

I looked up in my Bible Concordance the word surprise. It wasn’t there. I then looked up astonished (surprised), and found it multiple times. In… Matthew 7:28, Matthew 22:33, Mark 1:22, Mark 10:24, Mark 11:18, Luke 4:32, Acts 13:12… to name a few, and that is just the New Testament.

What astonished (surprised) all the people were the doctrines of Jesus. To find out what some of these Doctrines are… see Matthew chapters 5-7. THEY include things like: those who are blessed, that we are lights, fulfilled law, rules about adultery and divorce, don’t swear just say yes and no, love your enemies, how to give, how to pray, how to view your possessions, how to handle anxiety, don’t judge or you will be judged likewise, the Golden Rule, how hard it is to enter heaven, bearing fruit, and make sure you build your life on the rock (Jesus).

Of course the Bible is full of even more doctrines than this, and as I study them, I am constantly surprised by the things that God would have us do that is different from what the world believes we should do.

The thing that gives me comfort through all the surprises of life, is the thought that God is never surprised. In Psalm 139 it says… He knows every move I will make, He knows my thoughts, and before I speak, He knows what I will say. He “fashioned” all my days for me and wrote about them in His book before I was even born (see verse 16).

In Ephesians 1:4 it says, He chose us before He even formed the world. Revelation 1:8 says He is the beginning and He is the end.

We may be surprised, but He is not.

He’s got this!




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