The Chickens Enjoy A Day Out

Animals, like us, have to endure life’s ups and downs. They tend to deal with it a little better than we do. All our chicken’s lots have become a muddy mess.

Muddy lot.

Muddy lot.

We add straw to give them dry areas to walk on and it gets pounded into the mud by the rain. The chickens are muddy and their feet are caked with mud, and yet they sing.

We have chicken predators in our area. We make sure are chickens are locked up at night to prevent opossums and raccoons from eating them. During the day they stay locked up because we have a huge hawk that frequently flies over looking for a meal.

I haven’t seen the hawk lately, so yesterday I decided to take a chance and let the chickens out so they could roam on fresh mowed grass.

Chickens enjoying day out.

Chickens enjoying day out.

A day out.

A day out.

The chickens sang louder than normal. They ate bugs, worms, and grass clippings. They dusted themselves with dry dirt under a tree. I left the door to the chicken lot open, and they went back inside to lay their eggs, then out they came again. About 5:00 p.m. I went to check on them. They were back in their lot, so I closed them up for the evening.

We all need a day out every now and then, irregardless of the predators we might face.

I love having chickens. They are cheerful birds, always singing, and announcing their accomplishments (eggs layed) with loud squawking. I am grateful for the fresh eggs I receive and can share.

God considers eggs to be a good gift, along with bread and fish (see Luke 11:11-13).

Lessons learned:

Eggs are a good gift.

A day out makes you cheerful.

Even if you have to stand in ankle-deep mud, you can still sing.


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