Cleaning Up Our Diet

Yesterday it didn’t rain. All day. We have had so much rain lately, it was a shock to me that… IT DIDN’T RAIN!

I finally got the grass mowed. It took much longer than normal because it was so tall and thick. The yard looks beautiful now with the freshly mowed, deep green grass. Usually at this time of year it is dry and turning brown.

Freshly mowed grass.

Freshly mowed grass.

I have started re-reading the book What Would Jesus Eat, by Don Colbert, M.D.

As I mowed, I looked at my water-logged, overgrown, garden and dreamed of how I would like for it to look. I dreamed of weed free paths, and being able to pick fresh vegetables and fruits that would be so clean and bug free, I could slosh them in a bowl of water and eat them right there in the garden.

Jesus ate a diet of fresh caught, grilled, baked, or broiled fish. He ate chicken, eggs, and occasional small amounts of beef and veal. All of his meat had the fat removed per Levitical rules. He would never have eaten processed meats like hot dogs, bologna, sausages, ham, bacon (no pork allowed), or packaged luncheon meats.

He ate beans and lentils, and many fresh vegetables and fruits. He ate eggs, cheese, yogurt and curds… and lots of bread. When the Israelites left Egypt they craved, melons, leeks, onions, garlic and fish (see Numbers 11:5). I am craving all of this too.

Lately I have been eating too many processed meats and foods. The only produce I have gotten so far from the garden is blueberries.

I am on a mission to clean up my diet. I cleaned out the freezer and I am trying to use up all the old food that I have bought and replace it gradually with the fresh garden vegetables and fruits. I want to take my pantry down to the bare essentials and use up all that I have bought, then replace it with healthier alternatives.

I am looking forward to trying a recipe I saw on TV. When the eggplants are ready…  you slice, brush them with olive oil and grill them, then make mini-pizzas by adding marina sauce and cheese. (The eggplant is the bread part.)

Tiny eggplants forming. Hoping to turn them into mini-pizzas.

Tiny eggplants forming. Hoping to turn them into mini-pizzas.

I want to try cauliflower recipes. I have never been a fan of cauliflower but hope to enjoy them with some new recipes I have found.

Cauliflower plants.

Cauliflower plants.

Recently our grandson began to have fruits and vegetables added to his diet of mother’s milk. He loves them all. He gets excited over whole grain rice cereal, peas, green beans, prunes, applesauce, sweet potatoes, carrots, and acorn squash. They are prepared with only water and the pureed vegetable or fruit. He is baby lean, energetic, healthy, and growing like the weeds in my garden.

I think he is eating like Jesus would eat, enjoying it throughly, and I want to do the same.


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