One Great Tool

I have a great tool that I am using to weed the paths in the garden.

A great garden tool.

A great garden tool.

I don’t know what it is called, but it slices through the top layer of soil and cuts the weeds off below the roots. It is especially easy to use right now because of all the rain we have had. The rain has made the earth soft, and this tool slices through the top layer of soil like a knife through warm butter.

Slicing through weed roots.

Slicing through weed roots.

As I mention tools, I would like for you to consider another tool that is easily found anywhere in America. It is also useful in all our gardens.

If you are a man and you are reading this blog, I would like to encourage you to get the book…..Kingdom Man… Tony Evans, and read it as quickly as possible. We women have a role to fulfill on this earth, but men….you have an even greater role than you can ever possibly imagine. I am going to copy a portion from the book below, for you men to consider, that has to do with YOUR GARDEN.

“…you have been crowned with majesty in God’s kingdom. It is up to you to use the rights that come with the majesty that you have been given. While God is the sovereign and absolute King, He has given you an area to rule in His name, by His rules, and in His image as a kingdom man. You are a reflection of God, an image-bearer. You get to call the shots, for good or for bad, and how you call them will determine how chaotic or productive your garden becomes. God has placed you in a garden. He has given you the dominion mandate. He has said, ‘Let them rule….'” (from Kingdom Man p. 91) (Genesis Chapter 1)

I started this post with one great tool for the garden. I want to end it with one great tool for the garden of life. Whether you are a man or a woman, fulfilling your role in the garden where God has placed you….

YOU will need to use this tool every day.



The last Bible reference signed into my book (A Love That Multiplies) by a Duggar, comes from Joseph Duggar.

Joseph is in the green shirt, seated between Jinger and Josiah.

Joseph is in the green shirt, seated between Jinger and Josiah.

Joseph referenced the whole chapter of Romans 6. Since you can look up and read this chapter for yourself, I am only going to insert one verse here that I have underlined in my Bible.

Romans 6:14 “For sin shall not have dominion over you; for ye are not under the law, but under grace.


2 thoughts on “One Great Tool

  1. That is the only tool you can quickly weed with in Arizona it slides right through the pebbles and stones and slices our the weeds! Also, Great book mention Kingdom Man by Dr. Tony Evans!!

    • It sure saves some time when you can use it even in pebbles and stones, I am sure.

      Even though Kingdom Man is written specifically for men, I am learning so much from it that I can use where I am in life. It is a great book! Men don’t recognize the power they have!

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