The Garden of Job

Yesterday, I trudged out to the garden to work. I gathered all my tools, stood on the pavers at the front of the garden, looked out over the mess of raised beds full of weeds, and whimpered. I stood there for awhile, feeling sorry for myself, and thinking of our Sunday School lesson about Job.

Our Sunday School teacher gave us a list of all the terrible things that happened to Job, besides losing all his possessions and children. These included such things as painful boils, loss of appetite, insomnia, worm infested flesh that oozed, teeth falling out and the list goes on and on.

At the end of the lesson I asked a question that I have never understood about Job. In the first chapter he is so afraid his children would sin that he offered up sacrifices to cover them if they got together for a feast, just in case they sinned without knowing it. But when Job’s friends accused him of having sinned, he was adamant that he had not sinned. How could Job be so sure he hadn’t sinned? Could he not have sinned without knowing it, like his children?

If a friend of mine came to me and told me I had sinned, I would say, “Really? Oh no! What did I do.” It would not occur to me to think I had not sinned. It is so easy to sin. I can sin at home, all by myself, by having the wrong thought or motive about something.

When I asked my question, my Sunday School teacher’s answer was…. Job knew he hadn’t done that much sin, maybe enough for a boil on one finger……”BUT ALL THIS?

As I looked over the garden all I could think was…. but…. “ALL THIS?”  Have I sinned and need to be punished by having to clean up ALL THIS? Surely I haven’t sinned this much!

My next questions were….Why am I driven? Why bother to clean it up? Who cares?

And my answers were….I don’t know. Because someone needs to. God cares.

This garden is God’s possession, not mine. I am the caretaker. I do it because God has put the drive in me and I feel he wants me to “git er done!” Why? I don’t know, but I have to do it.

I told myself….you have done it before, and all by yourself. Here is the evidence.

Garden in 2009

Garden in 2009

Yesterday, I did complete the pathway at the front of the garden, or as complete as it can be with the resources I had at hand. I used all the bricks that I had, even broken ones. You know they say….”waste not want not”.

This cleaned out the bed of bricks that had been there for months. I still need a few more pavers to complete the area.

Bricks in raised bed.

Bricks in raised bed.

Removal of bricks from bed to path.

Removal of bricks from bed to path.

In a few minutes I will be back out in the garden. May God go with me, because I surely can’t do ALL THIS alone.


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