Plodding Through The Day

Yesterday, after whining on the blog about how tired I was, I went out to see if I could accomplish anything for the day. I would like to report to you that I walked with a bounce in my step and totally made the garden a weed free sanctuary.

Reality was….I plodded to the barn with less energy than a 90-year-old, got the tiller, plodded behind it to the garden, and very slowly tilled the back area of the garden.

Back of the garden after tilling.

Back of the garden after tilling.

My plan was to plant this area in buckwheat, a green manure crop. After the buckwheat is growing I will make hills in the area and transplant my big vining plants from the greenhouse. These plants include, watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and cucumbers. I will also put my squash plants here. I am trying something new this year. My theory is…..the buckwheat will enrich the soil and make a carpet for the growing melons and squash to lay on out of the mud.

While tilling I ran a snake out of the back of this area and onto the other side of the chain link fence. We had a stare-off for a while, before it eventually moved on. I don’t care what kind of snake it is. I don’t want it around me! This one was a common ground snake that I find in the garden on a regular basis.

I threw out the buckwheat seeds (4 pounds of them) and raked them into the soil.

Along with the buckwheat, for protection of the produce from mud, I plan to use alfalfa straw to place under the melons. It is growing very well and should be ready for cutting by the time I have some fruit.

Alfalfa Bed

Alfalfa Bed

Close-up of what alfalfa looks like.

Close-up of what alfalfa looks like.

In this area of the garden, my raised bed of mixed lettuce is growing fantastically and is bug free at this time…..yah!

Lettuce Bed

Lettuce Bed

Pest-free lettuce.

Pest-free lettuce.

For supper I fixed an old-fashioned meal. I cooked black-eyed peas in the crock pot. I still had some frozen corn from last year’s garden. I added a salad made with the lettuce from the garden and bought some new potatoes to boil (my new potatoes should be ready soon). I made plain cornbread (normally I make mexican cornbread – see recipe on this site)…. and voila…..drum roll please…..

A healthy country supper.

A healthy country supper.

Recipe For Easy Cornbread for two.

1 cup self-rising yellow cornmeal mix

Take the same empty, 1 cup measure, and place the following in this cup:

1 egg

Fill to the halfway mark with canola oil

Fill to the top with buttermilk

Add a touch of sugar if desired

Mix together well and place in a small baking dish sprayed with pam. Sometimes I add a little more sugar, and this cornbread become more of a dessert to me, especially, if I have a glass of sweet tea to go with it. You can also pour honey over it for an even better dessert.


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