An Easy Job in the Greenhouse

As I completed my work last Saturday, I ended up in the greenhouse. I saved the easiest job for last when I was really tired and couldn’t do much more anyway. I had not yet started my hot weather plants. These include watermelon, cantaloupe, squash, cucumbers, pumpkins.

In past years, I have tried to grow these plants in trays then transplant them to cups. They are very tender plants, once started, and if I succeeded in getting them transplanted to cups okay, many times they did not make it through being transplanted to the garden. I tried starting them in peat cups, but these cups become hard if they dry out and once planted in the garden, if you have a dry spell, the roots cannot grow through and establish themselves, so you have weak plants.

If I planted the seed directly in the garden, since the weeds grew faster than the plants sprouted, the plants could not get established before weeds took over.

This year I am trying something different. I learned about Jiffy Pellet pots on a Martha Stewart gardening video.

Jiffey pellets

Jiffy pellets

These are dried peat dirt encased in a biodegradable paper like substance. They come in a hard dry form…..

Dry pellet pot

Dry pellet pot

that you soak in water until they expand into….. a neat little seed pot.

Expanded pellet pot

Expanded pellet pot

They have a pre-made hole that you poke the seed into, then as you keep them moist, at all times, the seeds sprout, and you can transplant them directly to the garden. As I said before, this was a very easy job. You can leave them soaking while you do other jobs. There is no filling cups with dirt, so less mess.

I will let you know in future posts how well the plants transplant to the garden.

This week, as I wrote about last weeks projects, I continued to work in the garden. Next week I will catch you up with the garden and what is growing there.

Have a great weekend!


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