Thrift in the Garden

Yesterday I mowed grass. Before I started mowing, I wanted to complete another project. After our fence was installed around the garden, it left an area of bare red clay that was beginning to grow Bermuda grass and weeds. I hate both!

Red clay soil and weeds in front of fence.

Red clay soil and weeds in front of fence.

So I got out the tiller and worked on the area. Then raked it smooth.



I placed a layer of compost and covered it with mulch.

Compost and mulch in front of fence.

Compost and mulch in front of fence.

Now this is where the thrift comes in. I wanted dwarf yellow day lilies to line this fence. I knew it would cost a lot to buy enough flowers for this area. I decided to finish applying the compost and mulch and add the flowers later, when I could afford them.

My mom had given me one dwarf yellow day lily last year, and I had placed it in a large pot and left it at the greenhouse. I planned to use it in the front flower bed. When I removed the day lily from the pot, I found that it had multiplied and there were several small plants. I began to divide them and miracle of miracles, there was enough to make a row in front of the fence.

Day lillies.

Day lilies.

Day lilies now line the fence on both sides of the gate.

Using thrift in the garden helps you achieve more progress faster. Mulch and compost are expensive. Fences are expensive. When something comes to you for free, take advantage of it. Many flowers multiply and most gardeners are willing to share. I have traded seeds and plants with my father for years. My mom is constantly giving me a flower or herb, dug from her garden.

When you have large areas in the garden and yard to fill up, it is important to think of all the resources you have. I frequently divide my own flowers and move them to bare areas. I grow many of my vegetables and annual flowers from seeds.

I was very excited to be able to complete the area in front of the fence and not have to wait to buy flowers. It is wise to use the resources God provides for you with care.

“He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much.” (Luke 16:10a)


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