Let’s Make Lemonade!

There is an old saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

The weather has been unusually cold and rainy. It has been difficult to get as far as I would like to be in the gardening process for this year.

My son-in-law, Ryan, was here this weekend to celebrate the birthdays of my daughter-in-law, Collette, on the 4th and our son, Preston’s, on the 5th. Ryan brought his camera and wandered around outside, taking pictures of random things that caught his eye.

Fruit growing on Meyer Lemon tree in greenhouse.

Fruit growing on Meyer Lemon tree in the greenhouse.

He took this picture of a lemon growing on the tree in my small greenhouse. When I look at this picture, it gives me a hope for warm summer days and the sweet taste of lemonade. Meyer lemons make the best lemonade you have ever tasted.

So for now, as we endure this time of cold, rainy weather, we just need to remember it won’t be long until we will be sipping lemonade, going to the beach, jumping in the pool, and eating delicious things from the garden.

Summer is coming! Let’s make lemonade!


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