Three Essential Tools For Gardening

I am getting ready to plant my corn soon. I have three essential tools that I use when preparing to plant, for maintaining my crops, or to determine the best harvest times.

The first tool is a book… The Encyclopedia Of Organic Gardening.

Gardening essential

Gardening essential

This book is in an Encyclopedia type format where… if you want to find out about corn, you flip through the C’s until you locate the word, corn, then you can read all about it.

This book first appeared in 1959, and was revised by Rodale Press in 1978. Although it is an older book, the information is invaluable to me. If I look up the word… corn… it covers the topics of: varieties, preparing the ground, planting, harvesting, controlling insects and diseases, storing and using.

Page from Encyclopedia

Example from Encyclopedia.

Example from Encyclopedia

Example from Encyclopedia.

Another great resource is Jerry Baker’s book, Backyard Problem Solver.

Easy solutions for big problems.

Easy solutions for big problems.

It is a great resource for inexpensive solutions to gardening problems with simple recipes for homemade insect control. An example is, if you want to keep cutworms off your tomato seedlings, use collars around the plants or sprinkle the ground around them with eggshells, hair, or wood ashes. The cutworms don’t like to crawl across things that prickle their skin.

My last invaluable resource is, of course, the wonderful world wide web.

Google for gardening information

Google for gardening information

You can find even more information from this resource.

An example:  When I researched uses for Lemon Balm, I found that it could possibly cause thyroid medication to be improperly absorbed. There are many things that can cause malabsorption of thyroid medication, however, such as certain foods with calcium, or vitamin C. If you understand this, you just take the medication in the morning on an empty stomach and wait until it is absorbed before consuming any of the malabsorption culprits.

So, here are three essential gardening tools that won’t even get your hands dirty. To find the books, look for used copies that are inexpensive. I have found gardening books in Habitat Restores, and at Library sales. Also check out the book sections in Salvation Army and Goodwill stores.

Happy Gardening! 


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