Amish Landscaping

My husband and I have traveled several times to Pennsylvania and Ohio to visit the Amish farmlands. I love Amish farms. I love the strong work ethic that keeps their gardens weed free and planted with beautiful flowers and vegetables. I love the Amish for their thrifty lifestyles and use of available landscaping materials such as rocks.

When we rode through the Amish countryside we always saw flower beds lined with rocks. On some farms, they had placed rocks around the foundations of houses or barns.

We are getting ready for the fence company to come place a fence around our garden.

We had a lot of rocks to get out of the way that had been placed around our grapevines.

Rocks around grape vines

Rocks around grapevines

My husband has taken down the old trellis for the grapevines. The fence company will place a split rail fence for the grapevines to be tied to. The rocks are now unnecessary and in the way.

My husband loves rocks. Several were in the landscape that he and his grandmother had pulled out of a river in the mountains near her house. They had been washed smooth by the water over the years.

We also have rocks collected from our land. Four large flat rocks were once used as the cornerstones for the foundation of an old home on our property. The old sills even had homemade nails driven into them.

Saturday, we spent the day moving many of these rocks to landscape around a tree near the garden where honeysuckle and briers always try to take over, and it has been difficult to mow around due to the tree’s roots.

Rocks around tree

Rocks around tree

The rest of the rocks needed a new home so I decided to use them around the base of the greenhouse. I always plant flowers here, and presently I have marigolds planted in the greenhouse to fill up this area.

I had a fake rock border around the greenhouse to hold in the dirt for planting. I wondered if I could hide the fake rocks with real rocks.

I removed all the plastic “rocks” and tilled the area up. I replaced them and started moving real rocks into position.

Real rocks

Real rocks

Rocks are really pretty if you examine them. Some are pink, others shine like diamonds, and some are smooth and polished.

Pretty rocks

Pretty rocks

A smooth river rock on the corner

A smooth river rock on the corner

After moving all those rocks I now have a landscape fit for any Amish farm.

Rocks around greenhouse

Rocks around greenhouse

When summer arrives I will post pictures with the flowers in bloom.


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