Good Eating

Coming up with meals on a daily basis takes planning. Yesterday, as I worked in the yard, I wondered what to cook for supper. We have collards in the garden that were planted in the fall. I have cut them several times over the fall and winter to add to our meals.

I shared some with our daughter-in-law, Collette. I am grateful to have a daughter-in-law that enjoys the simple pleasures in life…. of home cooked collards.

When I went to check on them I noticed that the warm weather had caused them to start bolting (going to seed). Bolting makes the plants slow production and is a sign that maybe the old plants should be removed and new ones started.

Collards bolting

Collards bolting

I was able to find many leaves that were still edible.

I always soak the leaves in a sink of cold water, with vinegar added, to kill any bugs that may be on the leaves. This is a good time of year to pick bug free collards due to the cold weather. I found no bugs.

I placed them in the crock pot on high at noon, added a dash of vinegar, salt, and some basil/garlic spice, then covered them with water. They were cooked to perfection by our suppertime at 6:00 pm.

Collard bed

Collard bed

For supper we had pinto beans with chopped onions, collards, and mexican cornbread (search “mexican cornbread” on this site for the recipe).

My husband smiled as he dished up his supper and said, “I’d rather have this meal than steak!”

Now that’s appreciation!


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