An Easter Wreath

When Danny and I married 36 years ago, I was an enthusiastic crafter. I wanted to do it all. If I found out someone knew how to do a certain craft, I was all over it, trying to learn from them. I took classes with friends from work to learn more.

Over the years, I have tried my hand at sewing, cross-stitching, crochet, knitting, quilting, garden crafts, making baskets, making lampshades, and tole painting.

As I became busier with raising children, working, homeschooling, and life, the crafts were pushed aside and all but forgotten.

My daughter-in-law, Collette, has recently resurrected my crafting memories and desires, with her cheerful excitement over crafts. She  cross-stitches, crochets, quilts, arranges flowers in pots, and wants to learn and do more.

She has brought back the sweet memories of earlier years for me.

Recently when I was ready to prune my grapevines, Collette asked for some branches to make wreaths. She made a beautiful spring wreath for her front door. (I am still hoping she will let me show it to you in a future post.)

I am so grateful to be around young people who can remind us of the beauty of youth, energy, and a desire to learn it all. Collette is a lifter of spirits.

So…, I want to say… thank you! Collette, for the inspiration to make an Easter Wreath for my front door.

Easter Wreath

Easter Wreath

When you make the wreath, the vines can be entwined to hold themselves, and you don’t have to deal with wiring it. SO EASY! I added a pack of Easter eggs from The Dollar Store. They were made to hang on a tree. I cut the ribbons for hanging and tied them to the grapevines. I added ribbon, and for around the price of $6.00, for the eggs and ribbon, I have an Easter Wreath.

I hope you are now inspired to go out and create your own!

Close up.

Close up


2 thoughts on “An Easter Wreath

  1. It turned out super cute Jane! I love your wreath! I will have to get you a picture of my wreath..I’m horrible about forgetting things! Sigh anyways..enjoyed the post 🙂

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