Garden Easter Baskets

As Easter approaches, the weather remains unusually cold with no end in sight. Like most gardeners, at this time of year, I am itching to get my hands in the dirt and get some flowers growing.

To satisfy this innate desire, I bought two brightly colored pots and some perennials that tolerate cold weather.


Perennials and Pansies

After the blooms fade, I can put the perennials in the flower garden and enjoy them again next year.

The colors of yellow and purple always remind me of Easter. The miniature Daffodils are very cute, and I added some trailing Vinca to fall over the side of the pot.

Flower pot with flowers

Flower pot

With Easter Eggs in place, it brings a touch of spring to my freshly cleaned porch. (See yesterday’s post)

A Garden Easter Basket

A Garden Easter Basket

A Garden Easter Basket

A Garden Easter Basket

And there you have it! For your garden home. A Garden Easter Basket.

The Final Product

The Final Product

Wait a minute, wait just a minute….did I just say “for your garden home”? I must be working too hard. I just channeled P. Allen Smith! EWW!

Just kidding Allen, you do a great job, but after these marvelous baskets, I think I’m catching up!

No comments please! Unless you agree.


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