Perfection in the Garden

This week I picked a gardening project that I have been wanting to work on for some time.

We have a lamp post beside our walkway enclosed by rocks. A beautiful lavendar clematis resides there, and each year I add annuals to spark it up.

The area had become overgrown with bermuda grass. I wanted to remove the rocks and use them somewhere else. I had leftover keystone bricks from another project that I felt would be a better barrier to keep the grass from growing into the bed.

Lamp post with overgrowth

Lamp post with overgrowth

Another view of the eyesore

Another view of the eyesore

My first approach was to dig out the clematis and try to get as much of the roots as possible. The roots were a tangled mess and difficult to separate from the bermuda grass roots.

Then I dug out all the bermuda grass.

Digging out the clematis and bermuda grass from the site.

Digging out the clematis and bermuda grass from the site.

Site cleared

Site cleared

The only problem with digging in this site was that I dug up the water line that runs underground next to the sidewalk. It was attached to the gutter on the end of our house.

This is where perfection comes in. I have never, ever…..completed a project without something going a little wrong.

I don’t think this is just me, however, because when my husband does a project….some little thing just always gets a little messed up.

I watch peoples faces as they tell me about projects they have completed and even though they are elated for what they have done, I notice their joy changes as they describe the “one little thing” that still bothers them…. the thing that is ….not quite right.

Here is the moral of this story. There will…. NEVER…. be perfection in the garden! We live under the curse! It is not to be….sigh.

The drain pipe removed

The drain pipe removed

The one thing that I can always count on is that, even when I mess up, God always guides me to another idea that will work.

I called my husband about the problem, and he referred me to some PVC pipe he had purchased for another project. I got the brilliant idea to use this resource as a way to water the flower bed from the gutter run-off.

So I removed the drain pipe at the place where I had punched a hole (amazingly the hole was in the perfect place) and attached the PVC pipe to the end. My husband had even purchased a little drain cover that will keep debris out of the pipe. Was this a miracle or what!

PVC pipe in bed with keystones in place

PVC pipe in bed, with keystones and clematis back in place.

Another view

Another view

I was too tired to do much adjusting on the pipe after all the issues I had faced, plus moving all the rocks and replacing them with the keystone and bricks.

I hope to adjust the pipe and plant flowers that will hide it.

Flowers purchased for the bed.

Flowers purchased for the bed.

Since the temperature dropped this week, I could not plant the flowers that I had purchased from Lowe’s to complete this project.

Come back when the temperatures rise, to see the completed bed in my almost perfect garden.


If you have ever completed a project that has turned out perfect, please leave a comment and let me know. It will make me depressed, but leave it anyway.:)


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