Redesigning a Flower Bed Phase Two

Yesterday you saw phase one of the restructuring of my old flower bed. I had dug out all the flowers and used our tractor to level the land. I laid landscaping fabric next to the Dogwood tree, to block out the growth of old bermuda grass, then began checking prices for compost and mulch.

I found that you can buy regular compost made from composted horse manure, cow manure, and sawdust, or you can buy “organic” mulch made from composted cabbage and vegetation. Since this is for my flower garden I chose the manure compost. If I were buying for my garden then I would have chosen the composted vegetation. My husband pointed out that all compost is “organic”, meaning, it is just decomposed organic material.

Compost and mulch

Compost and mulch

I had a 1/2 truck load of compost delivered for $100.00 plus a delivery fee of $20.00. The mulch was $15.00 per scoop and I requested 4 scoops. The delivery fee of $20.00 brought the price of mulch to $80.00. These were great prices and the products delivered were the best quality I could find in this area.

After the delivery man saw my yard and noted I had another small flower bed in need of mulch, he threw on enough extra mulch to do that flower bed also, at no charge. I love working with people like this. They deliver an excellent product, then go out of their way to give even more than required. I will always go back to this landscaping supply lot in the future.

Moving compost

Time to move compost

As you can see by the shadows, my husband and I had to work late to move the compost onto the flower bed. As much as I hate the time change in the spring, it was a lifesaver on this day.

Compost on bed

Compost on bed

We were able to get all the compost moved. I had to wait until the next morning to snap this picture, since it was dark when we finished.

Compost on bed from another angle

Compost on bed from another angle

I tried to get a shape to the garden bed similar to a kidney bean shape. I have noted at the spring show, over the years, that the flower beds they replicate always have smooth rounded shapes, but are never left in boring rectangles, as I have done in the past.

I was working against time, since the flowers and bulbs were sitting in a wheelbarrow in my barn and needed desperately to be put back in the soil. Phase two of the flower bed was finished.

Come back and visit me Monday to see the final phase and completion of the flower bed.


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