Redesigning a Flower Bed, Phase One

I have wanted to redesign the main flower bed in my front yard for many years. I knew this would take a great deal of work, plus I wanted to save as many of the flowers as I could.

The irises in the bed came from my grandmother’s garden. Many of the bulbs were planted in 1980 when we first moved into our house.

This week I bit the bullet, and today you will see phase one of the renovation.

Original flower bed

Original flower bed

The yard and grass had taken over the original flower bed.

Digging out the flowers

Digging out the flowers

All the flowers were out

All the flowers were out.

After I had accomplished digging up all the flowers, since the “man” was at work, I got out his “man” tools to clear the bed off.

"Man" tool

“Man” tool

For women who won’t drive a tractor, I just want to say….you don’t know what you’re missing. There is some awesome power in a tractor, and you can tear some stuff up. Tearing stuff up relieves stress.

Box scraping the flower bed, otherwise known as tearing stuff up.

Box scraping the flower bed

I box scraped the flower bed, otherwise known as, tearing stuff up.

Box scrape on tractor

Box scrape on tractor

The flowers were out. The bed was leveled with the existing yard. Phase one complete.

Check back tomorrow for phase two.


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