The Southern Spring Show and Table Settings

Tables and gardens go together. After all whether it’s flowers or vegetables, it ends up on your table. The Southern Spring show gave great ideas for table settings, but since Martha Stewart, I am not, they are more than I can manage. The pictures below are representative of great ideas for those who have the ability to follow through, but alas, for me, I will probably just add one or two of the simplest concepts and leave the rest to Martha Stewart.

A mossy table any fairy would love!

A mossy table any fairy would love!

Very pretty, but not practical for eating, unless you want some moss flipping onto your plate with the food.

It needs more color!

It needs more color!

This table setting seemed dull to me. There are so many beautiful colors to choose from, why stick with only two?

Decorating with butterflies

Decorating with butterflies

Now this is more like it in the color department. I loved the butterfly theme.

Tables with themes

Tables with themes

I don’t think much eating will be going on at this table.

Audrey Hepburn's dining room

Audrey Hepburn’s dining room

I would love to eat at this table. If Audrey Hepburn were still alive, I would love to sit down to lunch with her in this beautiful room. Notice, the designer has the same good taste in color as I do. The walls are painted the same shade as my “garden room” (See previous posts).

Tables in the garden

Tables in the garden

I saved the best for last. This one was less over-the-top and seemed a little more practical for a brunch in the garden. The chairs were painted gold. That gave me a good idea for finding old chairs and pulling out the gold spray paint. I loved the bird cages, and Michael’s recently had them on sale. Score!

Of course if you come to my house there will be no fancy china outside, however, just for you, I might make a trip to Sam’s and buy a stack of pretty flowered paper plates. They also have plastic cups in Audrey Hepburn’s shade of sea foam blue. Now that’s fine dining!

If any of the table settings appealed to you, leave a comment.


2 thoughts on “The Southern Spring Show and Table Settings

  1. Despite my love for Ms. Hepburn, the last table is my favorite. Love all the pictures this week. Feels like I was able to go this year. 🙂

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