The Southern Spring Show and Whimsy in the Garden

It is so much fun to add whimsical touches to the garden. The Southern Spring show always supplies great inspiration.

Old vehicles

Old vehicles

These old vehicles bring up good memories of slower paced times.

Beach landscapes

Beach landscapes

Does anyone have an old boat, or two, to landscape the garden with?

Lawn art

Lawn art

This is an interesting way to add gnomes to the garden.

Minature windmill

Minature windmill

Minature windmills are kind-of cute.

Children's toys in the garden

Children’s toys in the garden

I think any little boy, or girls for that matter, would love to find this toy tractor and trailer in the garden and drive away.

My all time favorite of the show is coming up. As soon as my daughter-in-law, Collette, saw it she said, “that is like the movie you like so much.” She was referring to one of my favorite movies that I love to watch, over and over. I always cry at certain points and laugh at others. A movie that can bring out that much emotion is a great movie! If you have seen, The Help, you will remember, Hilly demands that Skeeter place her iniative for coats in the newsletter. When Skeeter whiteouts the word “coat”, you don’t know until later what she replaces it with. Hilly definitely deserved to receive a yard full of commodes, after all, she did have a fixation on bathrooms and who was using them.

The commode scene from The Help

Next you will see my favorite display at the show!


Commodes in the garden

Commodes in the garden

Unlike Hilly, I wouldn’t mind having a commode in my yard, if it is decorated this nicely. Amazing what you can do with disgusting objects.

Do you have any plans for adding whimsy in your garden? If so, share a comment.


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