Plans for the Garden


The weather stations are calling for sleet and freezing rain tomorrow. There will be no working outside yet. My potato bed needs to be planted but will have to wait for now.

Instead I will use this time to dream of my weed free summer garden and make plans. I will research the seed and garden catalogs that have been sent to my home and begin coordinating planting times. Some seeds take days or weeks to have a plant ready for the garden. Some plants (certain flowers) take months.

Many people make plans on paper. I make plans in my head. I order the seeds I want. I obtain seeds from the local hardware store. I buy plants already growing from places like Walmart and Lowes. I use a variety of resources. I decide what needs to be planted now and later. Sometimes I mark my calendar as to when to plant certain things. Other times I put a plan in my head and make myself remember it. It is a good mental exercise and challenge to keep it all straight, and my theory is… it keeps my brain functioning better as I age.

There is one more reason that I don’t write a lot of this down. Over the years I have found out that only God controls what I do on a daily basis. He controls the weather, the crops, and what I do with my time. I have fought His control in the past with no success. After all He is God, right? Now I give Him full control. If a garden and flower beds happen this year, it is only by His mercy and grace. We all shall see what He has planned, and I am sure there will be some neat surprises thrown in the mix. Stay tuned.


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