Gardening in the winter

It snowed yesterday. A light fluffy snow that will add nitrogen to the garden soil. This is not the time of year for active gardening but for planning your garden for spring. The Southern Spring Show is coming soon. I am very excited to go. In the meantime, until I can work outside, I have been making a “garden” room inside.

I decided to liven up the bedroom that I use for an office. This room was my daughter’s before she moved out. She loved the red walls. It is my planning room, writing room, napping room, devotional and journaling room.

bedroom before


I like to have themes when I re-model, so I am giving the room a garden theme. It is still in process. So far I have finished painting the walls and trim. I palm-sanded the floors and applied a Satin Polyurethane.


Walls were painted. Palm sanding before adding polyurethane.


Floors were finished and drying.

I am in the process of painting an old bed that was mine as a child. The weather has kept that from being completed since I am using spray paint, and it has to be done outside.


The bed will be yellow when finished. I love bright colors.

I had to wait for 7 days for the polyurethane to cure. I have a few things moved back in as you can see from the picture, but tomorrow will officially be moving in day. I will show updates as I complete the room.


I placed my laptop at the window. I have to be able to see the garden outside and watch the birds and animals playing, as I write.

Is anyone else creating gardens inside, as you wait for spring?


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