In The Greenhouse

I have a small greenhouse where I start seeds in spring. We have power running to it from the barn and an underground water system runs to it from our well. I use a small electric heater to keep my plants and seedlings warm during the winter and early spring.

We have tried different ways to heat the greenhouse. Last year, we used propane tanks hooked to a tough buddy gas heater. We were always having to refill and replace the tanks with a full one, and they were expensive and heavy. This year, I bought an electric heater for $9.99 from Aldi on clearance,  and it works amazingly well. It cycles off and on by a thermostat so I don’t even have to turn it off during the day as the temperature rises in the greenhouse. It has not affected our power bill in any significant way, and we figured out that it has been much cheaper to use than it was to use the propane tanks last year. We have added a second heater on nights that are in the lower 20’s or teen’s as a back up, but for most of the winter this heater has been the only source of heat.

The greenhouse looks rather dismal and neglected right now, but with warmer weather coming I hope to liven it up with a flower border and flowers blooming in pots on the deck.


I haven’t started any seeds yet this year, but I have an amazing lemon tree that is full of blooms. It smells heavenly when you open the door to the greenhouse. You cannot imagine how nice it is on a very cold day to step into a warm greenhouse and smell such an aroma. It is a Meyer dwarf lemon tree that I bought off a clearance rack in Lowes years ago for $5.00. It only had a few yellowed leaves left on it, but I took a chance and nursed it back to health. It has provided so many lemons over the years that I have had extra to share with family and friends. The lemons are bigger and juicier than any I have ever bought from the store.


Meyer Lemon Tree in bloom as of now.

I also have two coffee bushes in pots in the greenhouse. They take years to start producing, but I did get 2 coffee beans off one of the bushes last year. And yes, I dried them, ground them and put them in my coffeemaker. I did add other coffee since 2 beans only go so far, but at least they didn’t go to waste. I am hoping to see them produce more beans as they age.


Coffee Bushes

Soon it will be time to start my seeds and the greenhouse will be full. I will post updates as the greenhouse fills up.


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