The Beginnings of Restoration

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In 2009 and 2010, I spent a lot of time in the garden working to get it in better shape. Danny and I built 24 raised beds out of  gray composite lumber and filled them with a mixture of compost, potting soil, sand, leaves, etc. Now, in 2013, my garden is not what I want it to be anymore. Life became busy and the garden was neglected.

This is the year I want to turn it back into a sweet retreat where I can produce food and flowers and enjoy walking the paths with family and friends. I want to include funny surprises for the newest addition to our family…little Grandbaby Finn… to find as he explores. He will be six months old by May when the flowers will start blooming. I plan to document the journey as I go. Stay tuned for pictures of what it looks like now and how it looks as I work to shape it back into a beautiful retreat.


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